Featured Business: Hummingbird Restaurant, Winfield

Located at 27W229 Geneva Rd, Winfield.

Hummingbird opened in June of 2019.  Occupying the space that had previously housed Oakfield family restaurant for nearly 2 decades possibly longer.

We went in for our first time on June 9th around 1 PM.    We were seated on the right side of the restaurant where there were approximately 20 booths and maybe 8 or so tables.    This section was probably half full at this time of day.   We did observe others being seated on the left side as well.  Not sure how full that section was.    We were greeted by someone as soon as we walked in and promptly sat.   Not sure if she was an hostesses or just one of the servers.     The restaurant itself was lit perfectly for the time of day and very clean.  Much cleaner in our opinion then the prior Oakfield.

The one thing that stuck out to us was they didn't seem to have specific sections for servers.  While we had a server almost immediately after we were sat, we did observe a table near us that had been sat before us but didn't even receive their drinks until after we had ordered our food.    Just one of those kinks that I'm sure the staff will work  through after training their servers.     They were well staffed and generally very attentive in our case at least.     The menu is a good variety of breakfast food and sandwiches.    We didn't observe any actual dinner entrees on the menu so they might offer a separate menu for that or maybe daily specials.

We were in the mood for breakfast so we stuck with biscuits and gravy and a skirt steak skillet.   The food portion was perfect and both dishes were very flavorful.    We did not experience a wait in receiving our food either.   Price point seems in line with other surrounding restaurants that offer breakfast menu.


Overall we had a great first experience here and will definitely return again in the future.

Hummingbird Restaurant, Winfield

Located at 27W229 Geneva Rd, Winfield.

Stop in and give them a try.   Let them know you heard about them from INFO4W.


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  1. We had our Greater Winfield Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Hummingbird. It was the day after they opened. They went out of their way to accommodate us. We were the worst kind of customers: The kind that ask for separate checks. They have a few kinks to iron out, but the staff was kind, and the food was better than it had been in the past. I enjoyed my breakfast there.

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